Follow The Leader…

Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass., an early Obama congressional supporter, told Fox News this week that he “has to pick the best amongst those who are running and it may or may not be President Barack Obama’s reelection.” Message sent.

I lead this post with a quote for one simple reason, it is a statement that was made based upon my chief critique of President Obama since he took office. People are frustrated with Barack Obama because he comes across as indecisive and meek. Having just been a guest in his home this past Monday you would think my gratitude what show but, nah. You have to call it like you see it and that’s where I excel.

My biggest qualm with Barack Obama is his inability to be forceful. He is filled with virtue and charisma, it is evident that he has the ability to inspire an entire nation but so far it has been mostly rhetoric.

Maybe I missed the memo but I haven’t been informed of the primary goals and initiatives of this administration.  That has yet to be outlined clearly for me. Furthermore, this lack of clarity makes Obama an easy scapegoat for the nations problems.  In theory the President of the United States is supposed to our countries leader, the person we look to for guidance in tumultuous times. Where is that guidance and where is that leadership. When the leader of any organization becomes disheveled the underlings follow suit.

Obama should heed the teachings of Niccolo Machiaveli, it is better to choose sides and be wrong than to remain neutral and be at the will of the victor.

This brings me to the Dems. This political party is just that, A PARTY. You have blue dogs, progressives, moderate dems, conservative dems and who knows what else. The democratic Party is to politics what Christianity is to world religion unBELIEVably devided (Pun intended). Do you know what their agenda is? I sure as hell don’t and my father is one of the longest serving democrats in the Congress. Their lack of organization and unity makes them unbelievable. The same way many agnostic or atheists don’t believe in christianity because of the chaotic division. You have Catholicism, The Jesuits, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Apostolic, C.O.G.I.C and many others. Which one is the right one?

The republicans, until recently stood under ONE united front. Their agenda was clear and although the Tea Party has created division within the party, the two make clear what they are about.  Now to tie it all together.

It is easier for an Agnostic or Atheist person to settle on this belief or lack their of because they are certain of the things they can control and certain of the things they allow into their life. Similarly, it is easy for someone to support the Republican party because they know their agenda and what they can expect from these politicians. The same cannot be said for Obama or Democrats, so, I would have to agree with the representative from Massachusetts that should there be a better candidate; a more decisive, strong and willful candidate America would have no choice but to put him in the highest position in our land to ensure future success.